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Fuckin everyone is so confused why the house isnt spotless all the time

"well i kept the house clean and i have a baby"

yeah. “a” baby. One. One baby. And you didn’t breastfeed.

"i kept the house clean and i had you and four siblings!"

um yeah mom, you mean my older sisters who watched me for…

I’m not a twin mama, but I would just like to say I applaud all of you who are. My godson’s mother had B/G twins in April 2013, and every time I visit them I tell her, “I don’t know how you do it. I really don’t.” to which she generally responds “You get used to lots of crying and screaming and I get everything done during naptime, after Daddy gets home, or after bedtime.”

Also from a photography/graphic design standpoint, I freely admit I am insanely jealous of Matt’s camera because 99.98% of the pictures I attempt to take end up like this

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